97 D16y8 into a 89 civic dx...


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A friend of mine wants to buy my D16y8 to put into his 89 civic dx. Can anyone tell me a list of things I'm gonna need. He wants to keep his automatic transmission, so I wont need tranny mounts. Also, his is fuel injected, so no crazy wiring there. I've done a swap of a B16 into a 97 civic, so I know pretty much what I'm doing so... ;)

I know already that I'm gonna need:
-Driver side mount. (his kinda looks like the 92-95 civic mount)
-Rear engine mount. (which I still have)
-obd0 vtec ecu (pr3 or pw0, right?)
-run wires for vtec soleniod, vtec pressure switch...
-fuel line from filter to fuel rail. (his shit is WAY different...)
-radiator hoses

Will his fuel injectors fit the Y8 manifold? :huh:
Will an obd0 ecu run an obd2 distributor? :shrug:

Thanks for all your help! :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:


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ok u said u already did the mpfi swap? is that what u meant by "he already has fuel injecotrs?

1. IF he already had the mpfi swap just use that intake manifold instead of the y8 manifold and let me have that intake.LOL. if he still has that dx intake your going to have to change alot more shit that idont recall off the top of my head.

2. he can use the dx driverside motor mount but u have to take off the mount from the y8 and use the dx mount.

3. the rear mount? if your using the auto tranny theirs noneed to change it.

4. you can change the ecu and add the wiring needed or just add a rpm switch to turn on vtec.

5. your obd0 distributor bolts right up to the y8 head so no need to worry about that.

6. one thing that u missed is that the y8 block doesnt have provisions for the water temp sensor that activates the coolant fan. u can change the wiring and hook it up to the sensor on the thermostat housing. thats about it.


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pw0 or pr3 will throw codes unless you have it chipped, obd1 or 2 dizzy wont work with a obd0 ecu.


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It came with mpfi... We didn't do a swap. Also, are you sure about the ECU not being able to run the OBD2 dizzy? Cuzz other people on this site have told me different.

Thanx for your help!


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What about the OBD0 ecu controlling the OBD 2 dizzy. I've been told that a OBD1 ecu can control a OBD2 dizzy. Wouldn't it be the same?

Are you sure the OBD0 ecu hooks straight up the the Y8 head? If so, forget the first question...


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Also, is a DPFI hard to convert to MPFI? I'm sure there is alot of wiring to change. How hard is it to do? Has anyone here done it by themselves?

Thanx for all your help! :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:


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ok obd0 ecu will not contol the obd2 dist.....just use the dist. on his car now. your gonna need the injectors off his orignal engine this is if you want to run obd0. or you can convert the car to obd1 run a p28 and get a obd2-obd1 harness......


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What about the DPFI to MPFI conversion? Is it hard to do? Does anybody have a wiring diagram they could post? That would be great!

Thanx for all your help and assistance... :worthy: :worthy: