97 f22b2 into a 90 ex accord

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New Member
i have a 1990 accord ex 2.2 f22a4, and the motor is pretty much done but i have a 97 accord ex with a f22b2 in it at work (i work in an auto repair shop). the motors look damn near the same, what all would be involved in swapping the f22b2 into the 90? i know the distributors are different, and if it fits ill use the intake and all the attached stuff from the f22a4 on the f22b2. what am i missing here if anything? is it possible? i dont wanna do a full obd2 swap if i cant help it, cuz that just too much time that im not willing to invest. wish i knew more about imports, im a chevy guy and new to hondas for the most part. thanks guys.


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this has been cover 92928267 times thats prolly why no one is answering, but to make it short yes it will work nothing to it but to do it .but i will be nice and tell you this much just convert the new motor to obd1