97 hatch w/ b16b swap.....how would you set it up?

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hi im new to the forum. i just finished installing a b16b in my 97 hatch and i was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what performance parts i should use. it will be my daily driver car. i plan on going n/a and im not looking to go too advanced as far as boreing or port and polish but i was wondering if there was a way to still get in the mid 13s. thats all i want. thanks
Start with a good intake system, high flow cat-back exhaust, your header is a very good one stock, so only replace if you really want to. High flow cat or cat-bypass pipe. Larger throttle body, adjustable cam gears, lightened flywheel, performance clutch, etc... You can upgrade your cams, but the stock ones are very good. Maybe get a AEM EMS and get it tuned professionally. Should get you into the 13's easily.

Also, take some steps to lighten your vehicle, like removing your rear seats, spare tire, all that extra shit you don't really need.