97 Honda Civic LX b18b1 Swap, wiring problems

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Ok, I have looked EVERYWHERE and found only minimal information, and non specific to what I am looking for. I have 3 main questions, and please feel free to elaborate on them as much as possible. A brief overview:

Original Equipment: 97 Honda Accord LX 4 Door.

Purchased parts: B18B1 (Japanese Version) with harness (looks modular and was on engine from the crate) and manual transmission. It also came with P75 ECU.

1. I bought a 97 2 door Viciv EX harness. My is a 97 4 door. Will that matter?

2. It is an automatic to manual conversion. The engine is installed, but none of the harnesses installed ON THE ENGINE fit into the existing harness. Does the harness that came installed on the engine need to be removed and replaced with the EX harness? Is that what is meant by Plug and Play?

3. Upon inspecting the EX harness (in car ECU side) has 3 plugs, only one fits into the P75 ECU. Was I sold the wrong harness?

Our biggest problem right now is the fact that this wiring is hanging us up. We already have the engine, transmission, hydraulic clutch, cables, fuel line, EVERYTHING is ready to go once this wiring issue is solved or explained. PLEASE HELP! I am so lost, an I have done my research.
1. Any obd2 harness is one piece, if you have the ex harness from an obd2 ex civic used that.

2. Again, if the harness you got is an obd2 harness from an ex use that, An obd1 ex harness will not work in your obd2 chassie.

3. The p75 ecu I believe was use from 94+ ( someone can correct me) 92-95 is still obd1. From 96-98 is obd2a and 99+ is obd2b. Post some pics to further help you. I will try to find some pics here.
Look here: obd2 p75 integra ecu - Honda-Tech

Look here: obd1 pinout - Google Search
It turns out that, according to this link http://www.ff-squad.com/tech/wiring/wiring.96-98.jpg I likely have the DC integra, which is a two piece design. So I guess a EX swap is in order. However, I am still in trouble because the Civic EX harness does not fit into the P75 ECU. It is supposed to be from a 97 civic EX, but only one of the connectors fits the ECU, the rest, I have no idea what to do with. Is there some sort of mod or harness conversion I am missing? I am sorry I cannot post pics, I do not have access to the car as I am posting for a friend.
You need to read up on auto to manual conversions. There are lots of good threads on the subject

The 97 Civic EX harness is fine as long as its a manual harness. Otherwise use the DX one you got now.

You never stated what OBD the B18B swap is? And the ECU?
For ease of installation, they both need to be OBD2A
Oh crap.....I just now saw that. Not a smart swap in terms of difficulty and benefits.
Everywhere I read it was supposed to be a straightforward and easy swap. We have everything installed, we are very hung up on wiring. Also, it is the Japanese version of the motor and OBD2 out of a 2001 Integra LS. ANY help would be appreciated. I can do the work, I am stuck on how to wire the harnesses.
Oh, and yes it is a B18B1. Also, we are swapping the automatic for a manual. Everything is cut out, welded and installed. EVERYTHING. Only thing left is wiring and ECU.
I am not sure but I wonder if JDM OBD2B ECU's have an immobilizer.

Is this a Civic or an Accord? Title says Civic but first post says Accord
Im sorry. I own an accord, but e are working on a civic.
may i add that if ur engine is for example: b18b1 then its not jdm, jdm would be b18b. ne # after the last letter is usdm, which means about 20 less hp.
the wedsite I given you for identifying your ecu should tell you if you need a jumper harness. Other then this, IDK...