97 Sohc To Spoon

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I purchased my Civic as a high mileage back and forth car. I purchased it to be a back and forth car with rims and exhaust, could care less about racing. I get into the scene and see the crowds, watched the races, realized I wanted to do it. The poor 100k mile engine is decent for back and forth, semi-ok on racing, but poor to add much more power.

Option! A Swap!
Going B-Series is good. So I looked at Spoon Motor Assemblies for B18C Longblock and for nearly 6k for the block and shipping, I'd like to know what can be done to one.

Rumors I need answered:
1. Can you Turbo/SC/N2O a Spoon Engine?
2. Are spoon engines B18C the same as USDM B18C?

when you say turbo/sc/n20 does that mean all of them. If so no. The spoon engine assembly is a b18c engine that is rebuilt with spoon parts with extreme precision. The engine is a great engine but it is only a longblock. When doing this swap, you still have to pay for a tranny, intake mainfold, almost ever sensor and tons of other stuff. This engine is only ment for extreme racing like roadracing and is designed to stay natural asperation. Dont waste your money on this engine. If you want to go Fast and Ferious style with Nawws and stuff like that, get a normal plain jane b18b and build it for turbo with all new shit. Then when you have your turbo package set up, get some good tuning done so you can run n20 safely (oxmoron)
Well, autocross was a thought of mine, I wasn't looking at doing more than one of those mass performance options. I was just hoping of finding a pretty powerful engine that isn't so... used. I want to know that I'm the only one who beat the crap out of the motor, then I know what I did. :) Not some guy who enjoyed burnouts, cold engine revving..

I saw that Dart makes Crate motors, perhaps I should check them, since I planned on paying 6k for shipping and purchase of a spoon engine, it may be cheaper to design from scratch.. eh?
gsr motor, 3100 plus shipping and you would still have money for new parts for it.
B18C1,B16A2,B18B all good motors,easy to find and install.Don't waste the money on a Spoon assembely,like asmallsol said they are good engines but not worth the extra if you don't need it to get pounded for hours at a time.
spoon motor's are a waste of money unless you rname is Hector =)

if you want a built motor- go to importbuilders.com
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 3 2003, 07:58 AM
spoon motor's are a waste of money unless you rname is Hector =)

if you want a built motor- go to importbuilders.com

I need three of everything hahahahahahaha
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Feb 3 2003, 12:58 AM
if you want a built motor- go to importbuilders.com

Or give Intercrew a call: 214-575-6288. They build great engines as well.