97dx Auto

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I have a 97 civic dx with an automatic transmission. I want to swap a new engine but I am torn between the b16A2 or a Ls/Vtec or Crv-Vtec Hybrid. I have a 4dr and air bags so I am looking for a bit of performance but dont want to run the streets. I am leaning towards the frankenstein but I dont know what parts I need for it and which B-series head to use. I want an engine that wont be too much of a pain in the ass to swap because it is already going to be a pain switching from auto to stick. Doe anyone have any advice as to what would be the best thing to do or where I can find some technical support on doing the swap and tranny conversion? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


you CANT put a b-series head on your d-series.

if i were you, i'd sell the car, and pick up a manual 92-95 hatch for about 3 grand or less, and have left over money to build a real strong car.

if you are really attached to the thing- its going to cost you more money, and doing the auto-manual conversion is a bitch and costly. 500+ in parts, not counting the new tranny (that should come with your motor anyway).


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I have a 99 civic dx auto. I'm going to swap in a gsr and switch it to auto all at the same time. Just have a shop install everything for you. They're looking for my engine as I speak. Labor only cost about $1,000. :spin:


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If you like your car and have the time and money to change the transmission,go for it.I,myself wouldn't go for a frank unless it was a project that I wasn't worried about finishing it on a schedeule and till it was perfect.If I was in your situation I would go for a GSR and be happy.