98 civic dx d16y7 for d15b swap, noob

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Hi! Ok so Ive been researching and reading through the forums for hours, figure I should try a post and see what happens. I own a 98 honda civic dx with a stock D16Y7 SOHC OBD2 MPFI. Years back the engine flooded with water in the intake which I believe caused it to seize recently. I need my car to go to school and work daily so speed is not an issue and my budget is roughly $600 might be able to push that to $800 max since im paying my way through school. So Im thinking about swapping it for a D15B JDM(1996) so Im pretty sure its obd2. The motor is completely intact minus the tranny. So I was wondering what I might have to do to the wiring harness since the jdm motor harness is on the other side? And do I need to change the ecu since they are both already obd2? Just looking to do this quickly and within budget. Any knowledge advice help welcome. And thanks for you time :)

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