98 civic engine choice

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never had a honda
i just bought a 98 civic ex no motor trans nothing under the hood. after running the car will be a every day driver. i want to know what motor would be good to drive on an still have the power when i want it.
mainly just wanted to know what will fit with no cutting or beating
try posting in the correct forum, just going to get e-hated for posting in the lounge, where, btw, it says no tech posts.
lol, its ok, you admit in every post that you know nothing.
what part of tn?

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i found a b17a1 an a b18a1 an d16y7 an y8 all running for under $300

The Y8 came stock in that car, so that would be the easiest drop-in, bolt-up option. The B17 and B18 would be nice, but you'd need a transmission also, and the correct mounts. Plus you'd have to deal with some wiring issues...
what i found was a 91 integra with b18a1 an a 92 with a b18b1 not sure what the diffrents is an i found a few d15b7/b8 an a few d16z6 an i found one d16y8 for all around the same price. all have the trans with them. an are running. i was told the b-series was the better one to go with. but not sure what all is need for the swap
your car is prewired for vtec already, wont have to worry about any wiring issues.

either of those d series will be the fastest easiest swap.

the z6 will just have a bit more pep to it.