98 eclipse wing

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Capt. Orygun

Win the Day
I've always said that when I'm done hookin up my civic (when I'm 90 at this rate) I wanted it to be a car that couldn't be identfied. A true personal automoblie, after all isn't this the goal, to have a car unlike anyone else in the world. With that in mind, I came up on the abouve stated wing today, should it go on the civic??
i once saw a car that was a mix between a late 80's mustang and a late 80's commaro, is this the kind of car you want?
I say get a Ford Vega, they didnt make those long, people will look at it and say "wtf is that thing?" Case closed.
It's a 99 civic SI coupe. The wing is the stock wing on late 90's (before current generation) eclipse w' light. I put it up on the trunk and it fits perfectly, like it was made for the car. And no I don't want the import equivilant of a slowmaro mixed with a rustang, what I want is a final work which is slightly agressive, in good taste (no wood body kit) :-), and sets the car apart from other civics to the point where it would be un nameable to the uninformed.
i would try do your mission without the spoiler, fast and the ferious killed that. If you have some money, do a taillight and or headlight swap. It will cost a pretty penny but if done right, it can look good (i want s2k tails on my sol!)