98 Honda Civic Type R

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I am looking to sell my 98 Civic Type R. To get it all out of the way upfront the car is unregistered. I will be selling it with a bill of sale and the original Japanese title. The car is REAL, not a fake or anything like that. I have had the car for a little over 2 years. The car has just under 150,000 KM on it, which is around 93,000 miles. Car will be sold without the MF10s pictured. I took very good care of this car and I hate to see her go, but things have come up and we have to part ways. Vehicle is located in Spokane, Washington.
Exterior –
6000k HID kit with high/low beam
Brand new headlights (OEM)
Spoon carbon rear wing (real)

Interior –
Basically stock with the Recaros, they are in good condition.
Car does come with a Gathers unit with screen. The unit does have GPS , which I haven’t tried to get to work as well as a multi disk changer. The unit also has an FM up converter so you can listen to US stations.

The internals are stock on the motor, I did just replace the TB and water pump about 1500 miles ago
Js Intake *UPDATE* I have changed it to a AEM 3" CAI - the Js is still in the picture
Rage Hytech Replica header (good quality, welded inside and out and smoothed runners)
Fujitsubo RM01A Exhaust
Thick style single core radiator

JDM 4.7 FD (was new, about 1500 miles on it)
Exedy Stage 1 Cluth
Exedy lightened flywheel

AMR Engineering coilovers on all 4 corners
Spoon brakes up front
Steel braided lines with super blue brake fluid

The car DOES HAVE an alarm with pager, I will only disclose the type to the buyer for security reasons. It does have working remote start with the cutoff for the 5 speed so you can’t leave it in gear. There are a few miscellaneous parts around the car that I am sure I forget to mention, I am sure you will see them in the pictures. The car is very dear to me and I would like to see her go to a good home, but she does need to go. WITHOUT the MF10s I am looking to get $14,000. I have way more than that into the car, but that is how it goes – my loss your gain. Price is negotiable, so send me a PM. Any questions or if you need more pictures shoot me a PM too.

Pictures at this link -
High res pictures available upon request.


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Come back from japan with it and realize what a pain in the ass it is to register?

It's actually not that bad, I have all the info for the buyer if they choose to do it. This was just a track car for me and I don't need it anymore.