98 Spec Itr Rr Sway Bar

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tried to fit jdm 98 spes itr sway bar in to 6g 96 ex coupe but the bar is differant.My end link is 14mm
and jdm sway bar 12mm .have anybody installed a 98 spec itr rr sway bar on there 6g civic.
i just did one a few weeks ago, try to find some sort of bushing to put in the end of the bar where the end link goes, the kit i got came with one, i'm sure you can find something at a hardware store. also, you'll need the ITR D brackets, and you'll have to drill a hole into your subframe for the new D bracket, because of the larger diameter of the ITR sway bar. you'll also want to put some washers between the new D brackets and your subframe, otherwise your endlinks will stressed too much. and while writing this i did a search on google and found this.
the install is easier than it sounds :)