99-2000 Passenger frame mount replacement?

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I'm having a hard time locating a topic on this, all of my searches show me motor mounts, not the actually frame mount that the motor mount bolts up to. But anyways, I have a 99' Si with a h23a swapped into it. I noticed while getting ready to prep the engine bay for some fresh paint, this bolt has ripped through the frame mount. I'd like to remove the mount and weld on an aftermarket one if such a thing exists. Or fabricate my own. For the sake of having it look better, I prefer to purchase one though. Does anyone know what the proper term/name is for this part, and potentially a company that makes a replacement weld in bracket? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I spoke with Hasport and there is an actual Honda part # but it’s discontinued. Not a big surprise. However they did suggest to go to a junkyard with a spot weld removal bit and pull one out of any 96-00 civic as it’s the same for both B and D series.

I’ve seen some cars with this mount removed also (?) and a mount bolted to the frame rail (that was a semi-obvious statement). I’m curious if anyone has any info or pics of this? And I should clarify, this is in reference to the EK series I’m speaking of, not the EG. Unless my google searches are supplying pics from EGs….