99 Civic EX swap to B18C GSR

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I hope I'm posting in the correct spot. My sons D16Y8 engine seized up, and I'm putting in a B18C-GSR motor. We got the motor in and bolted up, although it was a tight fit. Couple of questions? Can I use the existing harness under the hood to connect to the B18 motor? If I can, the distributor plug won't connect up. I'm assuming I'd have to repin the harness to the B18 distributor plug? I'm noticing there are some adjustments with cooling hoses and power steering. The original ecu is a P2P, and hmotors sent a P72 with the motor. Can I use the existing P2P ecu with the B18C, or do I need to use the P72? Thanks for any feedback.
I assumed that. They said I would need an obd2 to obd1 conversion harness, and the P72 ecu they sent is an obd2a. The one on the car is an odb2b. I'm not new to cars, just honda engine swaps, and wasn't sure if an obd2a and obd2b were interchangeable.
theyre not.if you have a obd2a motor and a obd2b harness/car you need a conversion... use rywire.com they do great jobs for anyones swap.