99 Civic Ex

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I have a 1999 Honda Civic Ex stock. I wish to swap the engine for something bigger and better. I can afford just about any engine that can fit into my car without massive fabrication. The car will be used for daily use as well as track use so I would like to stay away from JDM engines (although they rock). I want to avoid a frankenstien engine as well. :D

Anyway, what would you all recommend I put into my car? :huh: I was thinking an Integra GSR would be nice. Not sure what the benefits or downsides to it are. :(

Second question is...
Where are some good places (Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico area) that sell and do engine swaps on Honda's, that do a very reliable job?


I wanna be sedated
Are you considering turbo?If so go with a GSR motor.If you want to stay N/A got with a ITR.


if you are looking to build a track car, get a rule book.
a lot of circuits don't allow forced induction cars. also, swaps put you in higher classes at SCCA events, and so forth. Knowing the rules will help you build a car to its best potential within a class that you are aiming at