99 civic... what year manual trans would fit?


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i'm looking to swap a manual transmission into my 99 civic ex (currently auto). what year tranny off another civic could i use to do the swap. i'm new to hondas.


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Probably any 5 sp that came in an EX 96-00...I don't think you can put a b series tranny on a d motor.


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either an EX or a del Sol SI tranny are your best bets because they are the shortest gearing for the d-series. If you go with a CX or DX tranny, your gearing will suck. 75 in 2nd gear is never fun.

Remember when doing this swap, your going to need an aftermarket top tranny mount to make up the diffrence.


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i have a 99 ex, and when i did my swap i used a 97 dx tranny but you should get an ex or si tranny to start instead of doing it then swapping tranny's later.
i got all of my mounts, clutch assembly and brake pedal, and master cylinder from find used parts .