99 Crvtec turbo build

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Im doing a B20v turbo on a 99 crv, plan to have it tuned with hondata by the guys at Jack Daniels Racing.

Parts aquired so far:
b16a2 head and intake manifold
450cc rebuilt injectors
turbonetics T-15834 turbo
turbonetics wastegate (4lb spring i think, likely getting changed later before i tune)
hks Super sequential blow off valve
header style turbo manifold
single layer copper head gasket
arp head studs
Tomei adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
vtec oil line kit/sandwich plate etc
ebay piping
massive intercooler (might need a smaller one)
P06 ecu

Currently the vtec head has yet to be installed, just waiting on the head studs to arrive. The fitting is installed on the head for the oil line, and the sandwich plate is ready to go on, just gotta do it. Ive drilled and tapped the fuel rail to recieve the fitting for the new FPR, so thats ready to go.

Apparently ill be able to drive it with the factory obd2 ecu up to the shop for the tune, so long as i stay out of boost? cross that bridge when i come to it...Anyways, this is my first turbo build, so im still foggy on the vaccume line routing and crap but im not ready for that stuff anyway. Im still deciding on what exhaust im going to do. the downpipe is gonna have to be custom, probably 2.5" piping, the rest will probably be custom too, cant find much prefabbed for crv's thats bigger than 2"

Other info on the crv, I did the Old Man Emu 2" lifting springs. And i plan to buy some bf goodrich mud-terrain km2's for it. you can get them in a 28" which is only slightly bigger than the 26.9" factory tires. Im not trying to rock crawl with this thing, but I wanted a daily driver that could handle some mud and snow, and look cool too.

Should I do the timing belt and water pump while Im in there? Anybody?

So Ill try and keep this build updated as i make progress. Any suggestions feel free to offer em. Cha!


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Change the timing belt and water pump..... as well as the crank seal.. and oil pump wont hurt.
And lets see some pics of the crv


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just ordered oil pump, water pump, timing belt and front crank seal...hope they send me the right belt and water pump...


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awesome build! i also would love to see some more pictures. i have only seen one built CRV before, but it was lowered, and had a b20vtec with nitrous.

whats the power goal with this thing? i bet even at 250-300whp it will be loads of fun and surprise a lot of people.


Thats bad ass. Looks like you have a damn good understanding for your first turbo build.


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Heres some pictures of the V, they're crappy but my garage is kinda full, not great for pics. Anyways....OH! and dont be fooled by the suspension shots, it looks like it could be a 12" gap! I should have put a tape measure in there for reference lol. oh well. I threw in a picture of my prelude taking up the other half of the garage in there too. And the BFG km2's I plan to buy for the V.

The crv's a little rough on the outside, Ive driven it on atv trails and scratched the paint up a lil. But thats kinda what I want this thing for, Im not going for pretty, Im going for a rough and tumble daily driver with some pep. As for the power goal.. Im really not sure, Danny Legere, the guy at JD racing says with the turbo we can get pretty much whatever I want, he tunes with however much boost it takes. But Ill be happy with whatever is safe for the block and so on, hopefully 300hp+ that wont be anytime real soon though, I hope to have the turbo in and the custom downpipe made up in time for a early/mid summer tune.

Anyways, imma go do some brake line work, the rear drivers side on the V has been clamped shut with some vice grips for the last two months. Love the feedback guys! let me know what you think.


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Just pulled apart my b16a2 head and found only one spring under each of the exhaust valves...but two under the intake.. I dont know if thats normal. H22s all have double springs for each valve... so I ordered a "crespo" inner valve set for the head, problem solved.
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Ive been held up because one of the holes in the block had some damaged threads, so i ordered a lovely, long shaft tap from L&N enterprises off ebay. It worked beautifully. I cleaned up all the holes with the tap and the studs went in perfectly.

Installed my new Crespo inner valve spring set.
Installed new water pump and oil pump. Painted my oil pan with a thick coat of rocker guard and reinstalled it, putting anti-seize compound on the hardware.

I took my conversion dowels that I got from zurg industries and (after having to modify my head gasket) installed them with the head gasket into the block just awaiting the head. Also, Im doing and DIY job of turing the head surface with a precision block of granite (got it at busy bee tools), used some valve grinding compound mixed with some tool oil to thin it out, and using a figure 8 pattern Im sliding the head around on the piece of granite. heres some pictures. And Ill upload some more later once I get the head installed.


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