99 dollar ipod


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what do you all think of it?

I wish it had a screen then that way i will snag it up. it has 512 mb and a gig. i dont know how much the gig one cost tho


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Originally posted by dveit@Jan 21 2005, 10:24 AM
At least they're finally ahead in something.
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They are ahead with alot of things if you do music, graphics, or video. If you just surf the net and write papers for college you don't want a MAc but if you do video editing like I do Macs are the best. I think its a good deal but I agree it should have a screen but random works too it holds 120 songs.


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The new IPOD is a piece of shit. Lets run some #s

IPOD Shuffle - $200 per gig
IPOD Mini - $60 per gig
IPOD 40gig - $10 per gig
IDE Hard drive - $0.50 per gig

If you're going to drop any money on an IPOD, get the big one, the others arn't worth it, unless you have a pathetically small MP3 collection. I know my collection exceeds 30gig and thats just music I listen to. I don't dl random shit to share.

also, integraslut78, I would say that Macs are also better for papers and surfing the web (and they've ALWAYS been the best home video editing tool). The only places where they fall short is in gaming and 3d computer graphics.


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for a flash MP3 player, for 99 dollars and 512mb storage, its a great deal. There are still 128mb players for 99.

Apples are sweet. When they finally introduce a laptop with the new gen WVAS (think that is the acranom) screens, then I will really consider buying one.

Katanaka, you can't compare a HD based MP3 player to a flash one. Both have there pros and cons, but flash players are alot more shock resistance so for things like sport aplications, its a very good idea. Right now, I have a 40gb 4th gen iPod that I use for between classes, homework, long car drives, and for snow boarding, I use my POS mp3 player.


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yeah great deal, if you dont want a screen, or a shuffle or playlits.. or um.. everything that makes an ipod an ipod..

IMO stupid purchase. buy the 20 gig for 100 bucks more. you'll be much happier.

mid as well buy a 1 gig flash drive for 40 bucks lol thats pretty much what you're getting.

oh but it's cute.. :rolleyes:


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I bought a DJ15 with a dock on Ebay for 200. 15 gigs, think about it.

Trust me, 15 gigs is about 3000 songs, not that much.


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Originally posted by hcivic.com@Jan 22 2005, 01:48 AM
i use an mp3 cd player and i love it i don't have to shuffle threww 3000 songs and i payd 25 bucks
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i have the 4GB ipod mini...i love it, only 1000 songs but i don't have that many songs, i get tired of them real fast so all i need is like 200-300 songs at a time. and BTW, you don't shuffle through all the songs to find one, they are sorted by Artist, Album, Genre, ECT...


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Yeah, the shuffle only feature of the Ipod Shuffle that sucks the most. Apple is trying to destroy the album as an art form. What if I want to listen to a whole album, nope, can't do it. I have to listen to all my shit shuffled up. Thats my other reason for hating the Ipod Shuffle (besides being a HUGE waste of money).