99 Ek d16z6 Idle Surge?? Help Please!

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New Member
I have a 99 Ek coupe which used to be and automatic. Someone did a swap in it with a d16z6 block and a y8 head. There's an idle suge that is very quick that revs between 1500-2000rpm. I've read up on things such as plugging up the IACV and FIV holes to see if it smooths the idle down. Also cleaning the IACV to make sure its not gunked up. If I do all those things and it still continues, could it be a wiring error? Also I read up on something about a paint ring, whats the deal with that??? Thanks for the help....


New Member
IACV take it out and clean it well. take the electrical part out of it and spin flop by hands and make sure its all clean and moves freely. than put motor back hock up connector and ask some1 to turn ignition on and look if flop moves and if it moves put it back and see how it works