MO 99 poor man type r civic sedan f/t

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branded noooob

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im still new so i hope this is where i post this..and it seems i gotta name my
gsr bottom ,si head ,crower stage1 cams ,cam gears,aem fuel railand pressure gauges,steel braide fuel line,1 gen old tenzo seats,full suspension set up tokiko blues and coilovers,dc strut bars blox control arms etc...,si cluster,vafc for pics to view 5732431582,jason also side markers,dc headers and full tanabe exhaust,viper alarm..and a c/f hood, the bad is that 2cnd gear syncro is bad...i want a 2 door si or another b swapped v tec hatch ..".real airwalker bumper and skirts if anyone knows about them"no back seat ..the car has potential but its a shaved 4 door!yuck!
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