99 Prelude parts for sale


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Hi guys. My 99 lude got rear-ended and totalled. I'm parting out the car to make for the difference between the insurance's pay and the bank's. Anyway, I got the whole front end out and ready to go. Bumper, radiator support, radiator, ac condenser, both fenders and axles, headlights, hood. I also has the front lip for the bumper if anyone interested. Also, I got a set of airbags, still good, hasn't blown yet, with a working unit box. If anyone interested, give me a holla at [email protected]. Good day to y'all!!!


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I would pull the complete clutch assembly, pedals and stick.

Many people wish to swap to five speed.


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are you gonna pull the 5speed and all the parts for it, and if ure not using the ecu ill buy it from you becaue im bout to swap mine over to a 5speed