99ex w/vtec auto to manual ecu

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Hello everyone. I have searched and read a lot of posts and am still unsure of my next move. For a usdm 1999 civic ex with vtec that has an auto ecu and a manual swap, is it better/easier to repin the auto ecu for the two pin iacv, or get a manual ecu? I don't want cel or rough/erratic idle. I have a manual intake and iacv to put on. I already took off the auto intake manifold, so I'll be sad if I didn't need to do that, but want to know anyway. So, what's better for the car, repin auto ecu for two wire iacv, or switch the ecu to one from a manual car? Do I have to go to the dealer for a reflash for the manual ecu swap? Some of the computers on eBay have the same part # (ends in A92) as my auto ecu but say they are for a manual. What's up with that?