A B Seires Throtel Body On A D16y8

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will this fit. i want to put a b series throtel body on a d16y8 itake manifold. because i figure that im going to want to get it bored out, and if i bore a stock d16y8 intake its not going to be that big. but if i bore out a b16 intake or something like that it will be way bigger.

but i dont know if it will fit????

can u help???
Well, easy answer... no.

The blocks are totally different, and line up differently as far as I know. IF you did ever get it altered enough to make it fit, you would be losing all the benefits of having the larger throtle body, AKA you would need a HUGE adapter plate probably.

As always, I may be wrong, and I am sure if I am someone like Pissedoffsol will correct me.
i knew of a person that had a y8 tb on a z6 so think it would work!
I had my stock D15B7 throttle body on my B16 till I got my BBK throttle body

yes the B16 throttle body is a good bit bigger then the D15b7
yea it will physically line up, the only thing you have to worry about is the fast idle valve... it needs to be from the same generation... for example... 92-95 honda throttle bodies have a mechanical fast idle valve that waits until the coolant heats it up before the fast idle is bypassed, and the newer ones have the fast idle built into the ECU, when i put my ITR TB on , i lost all fast idle... SUCKS in the winter.. thank god it is garaged now.
I put a B20 CRV throttle body on my d16y7 and it ran great. I had no problems with it.
you have to play around with it. I'm almost positive that a B-series T/B will not fit on a D-series intake manifold. And No, All d-series T/B's are not interchangeable. First of all, it would be pointless (unless you were buying an aftermarket), next of all, the vacuum hose hook-ups will not be the same (yes, that is a bad thing) and next of all, why bother when you can easily bore a T/B right in your own garage?