A/C Delete

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Okay, when I bought my car, the A/C system came un-charged (due to an altercation with the rear of a minivan). I haven't thought of getting it recharged, due to the fact my engine is underpowered as it is, and since I don't do enough highway driving to justify the fuel mileage. I've already unbolted the condenser, piping, etc - but the compressor is still on the car.

Does the AC compressor on a 94' D15B7 have its own belt? If so, would removing the belt and leaving the associated crank pulley attached cause any problems?

Thanks for any advise.


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Is it easy to remove AC on 95 civic DX coupe ... i hear its hard but you guys act like its easy.... im getting my motor with new head gasket this week so i was thinking about ac removal. wassssitiz?


Hardest part is breaking the damn fittings loose. Took about 1 can of PB, and a very large breaker bar to un-do. As for decharging, don't take it to a shop. As shady as it is, most rad/AC shops will rape you to decharge a system. Just undo the fittings until they leak a little. Let it slowly de-pressurize. Then completely undo the system. However, always open up the low-presure side.