A different kind of build. (bass guitar)

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well, since we dont have a forum for the musical, i figured this would be the place to post.

Came across this bass:

liked the body, but couldnt find any information about the company other than it was a japanese company called cipher, distributed in the US under the name Intermark. and its around 1960's era.

thats the only before pic i have, i took everything off, the neck was wasted, and the electronics beyond repair.

so this is how it sits right now:



filling in the holes and deep scars, still have to sand down the sides.
bought a used ibanez neck:


Plans are:
for the time being im going to replace the inlays with black dots,
12th and 24th fret will have a red bar inlay.
eventually it will be a clean (inlay free) bloodwood fretboard

Carbon fiber pickguard

Q-tuners humbucker pickups ---------If you play and havent seen these, i highly advise looking them up. cant wait to order mine.

Schaller roller bridge

and finally a Burnt orange finish.

I believe thats all. for now