A few last ZC Questions

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According to mr. jli in my previous thread to do with the transmission, he said I needed to replace to drivers side mount on the ZC engine with the one on the DX engine otherwise the engine would not bolt up correctly to the car, due to its year and model. My first question, do I need to replace the entire mount from the block, up?

Second question, Since I had to use my DX tranny, with my DX clutch, and ZC pressure plate, and ZC flywheel (the one from the DX for some reason was to tight to come off and the ZC flywheel bolted up perfectly) what color and type of Transmission Fluid do I use?

Third question, I need to know the timing specs for the ZC motor I have (its a DOHC, with black valve cover). I know how to do timing, You put the #1 cylinder at top dead center, and both of the cam gears arrows are suppose to be pointing up, I just want to make sure I'm right.

Fourth Question, Will I need a fuel Regulator for the ZC engine?

Thank You very much
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1. Don't know
2. Honda MTF is always the best bet. Some will say GM Syncromesh. Others will say 5w30 oil--but I say Honda MTF. If it's good enough for them to put it in at the factory, it's good enough to fill the tranny now.
3. Timing the motor should be the same as any other motor. Get it all lined up, put it together, and check it with a timing light. Adjust the dizzy accordingly after that to get the right ignition timing.
4. Your stock regulator should do the trick.


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Oh, another question, whats the worst that could happen if I have the harness not wired right? I have the 4 fuel injectors wired to the injector resistor box, and I extended the EAVC and the TPS. What I am worried about though is the CPS. I didn't have a ZC wiring harness, so I used a MPFI harness from a Integra to wire mine up. But I couldn't find a CPS connection. I also don't even know if I have the CPS on Zc engine. I got a the Distributor, since the ZC didn't come with one, from an 88-89 Integra, the Distributor has two plugs on it.