a Ford rant by BDN

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ok so here it is, rant time about Ford brought to you by me....BDN. i went to change the throttle position sensor (TPS) on my 3.0L v6 powered Ford Ranger Splash. i get the TPS from AutoZone for $30 which was the cheapest place i could find it brand new. so anyways, i get home and go to my tool box and grab my phillips head screwdriver, 8mm wrench (to take the battery cable off the battery so i wont get shocked..lol) and a light so i can see what im doing (truck is parked in garage). there are 2 phillips head screws holding the TPS. i get the top screw off with minimal stripping of the head...them bitches werre in tight. i get to the second one, removed the coolant hose beside the screw so i can have more room to work with, and i ended up stripping the hell out of it. SHIT!!!!! so i go in the house and am pretty much swearing up a storm. next day i go to Harbor Freight to find an easy out tool. found one, and bought it. got home and dammit the easy out tool was too long for the area that i have to get to the bottom screw. the next day after that which was on wednesday, i go to the Ford dealership to get 2 new screws since the others are now FUBAR. $4.03 later for 2 fucking screws. i walked out the dealership with the screws. i called my dad and see what he would suggest. he said to try and cut the head off the screw with a dremel and pull the TPS off and get a pair of vise grips and get the screw out. DAMMIT!!! why didnt i think of that? so i bought a dremel and cut the head off that screw, pried the old TPS off andgot the screw out with vise grips. put the new TPS one along with the 2 new screws and hooked everything up. cleaned up the tools and started up the truck to make sure everything was good. it was all good, truck idled better and i got rid of that nasty sulfur smell my truck was making (changed the o2 sensors a few months ago).

god dammit i wish they didnt have to screw those fuckin screws in real tight. what a pain in the fucking ass!!! GRRRRRR!!!!


I don't know if it is all Fords doing but after awhile screws, nuts, and bolts do get harder to get out. Its just like plastic tends to get brittle over time.


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sounds a bit frustrating but normal
its a 13 year old truck... these things are expected

hell that sounds almost like it went "smoothly"

at any rate... glad its runing well


yeah...i guess it went smooth. hell i was pissed the whole time. but oh well. next task: replace the spark plugs but i aint doing it this weekend. too cold and my garage aint heated :(


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I would be siked. You got a new tool/Dremel out of something you thought would take 5 minutes.


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If I had a dollar for every time that happened.....

all cars, even my 350Z when it was like 2 years old had issues with some random bolts, snap them off and move on.

The best one was when my turbo civic snapped the bolts holding the solid engine mounts, I had to drill out my block (while on the side of the road) with the engine still in the car, sagging thankfully being held up by the exhaust, if not it would have been on the street.


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Yeah, that wasn't so bad. Everytime I turn a wrench on a Durango I want to slice Lee Iaccoca's jugular.


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at least you didnt get those tps's that have rivots on them. that would have been even worse.