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Just discovered a site devoted to informing people about speeding, their rights, and lessening/eliminating the fine from their tickets. Things like what to do in court to better fight your traffic ticket, to more basic things like how to act around the officer who pulled you over.
I've found the site pretty useful so far, from quizzes on speeding (90% on the driving and court quizzes, 80% on the radar quiz :) ), to state-specific listings of speeding laws.

For example, I learned that here in Illinois, there's a specific offense:
"Squealing or Screeching of Tires: 1st or 2nd offenses are Petty Offenses. A 3rd offense (within 1 year) is a Class C misdemeanor."


Anyway, the site is http://www.paynofine.com It's bound to help you a little. :)

(Dang, was that a commercial for them or what :) )