About Power-steering

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Hey all,

My 95 DX coupe doesn't have powersteering at the moment. Is there an easy way to take the pump out of another car and install it? My friend crashed his 4dr, and I was thinking it would be mint if I could take his power-steering equipment. I'm imagining I need all the linkage, fulid resiv, steering linkage as well as the pump.

Or...... on the other hand, is it better to keep my lack of power-steering? I like how it feels at higher speeds, but for quick turning sometimes it worries me. Also, this would allow me to continue telling my friends and family members that real men don't need power steering. :beer:




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power steering adds weight to your car and robs power from the engine .... fuck power steering


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Dude, I am sure it is possible but I don't think it would be worth the time, trouble, money, or the extra weight involved. Power steering as I recall is about 20lbs. give or take a few pounds. I would just continue to say that real men don't need power steering.