accord 1991 EX

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Hi guys, i'm new here....

i just got Accord 1991 about 2 months ago,
first month my accord runs smoothly.

but, when i ride her on highway, it starts vibrating abnormally.
i was running about 65 MPh. rpm shows 3000. with gear D4 auto.
does that seem right??

also, when i start the car in morning, the engine runs low--- high----low----high until it stopped when the engine gets warm.... whats wrong with my car??

BTW, do you guys know how much cost me to swap to manual??
i live in CA.

thanks guys......


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but the body, exterior and interior about 8.6/10

engine about 7.5/10

i'll post picture sooner


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well 3 things for u to look at. throttle postion sensor, timing, idle control. thats what my honda buddy says. oil changes up to date? and if u spent a 1000 on it dont change it to maual. just do a lil engine bolt on and body work resale it for 1500 or more and buy a M/T car


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Ok, i see now....

do you know how much cost me to change to manual??

and another thing, my car has little spot clear coat failure...

do you know how to repair that??



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dont do it. its not worth the time or effort, or the money. it"ll cost more than u bought the car for to do it. just fix the engine, get a paintjob add some bolt ons and sell it for 2000 and get something that is already a manual
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and i said paintjob as a solution to the clear coat but also u could wet sand it and have it recleared, but would still need paint anyways.


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Depending how bad the clear coat it. you can probably buff it. If its chipping up. you need to have the car wet sanded and re cleared.
Also. listen to these people. its not worth the time and money to convert it to manual. not when you bought it for 1000. depending on he condition of the car and how badly someone wants it, you can get 1500 easily. gas prices will go back up. people WANT 4 cyl cars again. There are people trying to beat my doors down for my 2 dr 5spd accord. which... i got for 500 bones. :D
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well if it was me i would be the idiot to do the swap because i have done one on my old 91 accord before...she looked actually really nice in my eyes compared to most accord (engine bay) basically get a manual trans probebly for 200 bucks at most and if you can do it yourself then your set, also will need the shift linkage, shifter assebley, back up sensor, the axle (right size for the manual i bielive, transmission mount, clutch kit, flywheel, clutch pedal assembly, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, all of the clutch lines, and have to wire in the back up sensor, sounds like a lot of parts but in reality when you buy a used tranny it will have most of the parts on it so, it might cost ya about 700-1300 bucks depending on how much you can get the stuff for (also drill holes for clutch and linkage) good luck


Test your Idle air control valves of different variation (there are three of them on the ff22a6 head, I'm not sure about the 2 or 4). In a CB7 they are the most common reason for your erratic idle. You can test them with the two ports before the butterfly on the throttle body. I'm sure you can find this well documented somewhere.


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Su coche parece muy bueno! Mantener las cosas como son. Niza encontrar.​


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i've seen about 4 or five times a honda having that idle problem being related to little to no coolant, not that you would let it run low but something quck and easy to check and be sure of.