Accord F and H series turbo parts bisimoto

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Color Coated

F-ed Up First Gen
Bailed on my Honda project. Now I need money for my forester! So all the goodies need to go.

You can email me at or text me at 605-956-5396 with questions. Or on here of course. All prices are or best offer and INCLUDE shipping. I use USPS only.

No longer a paypal fan so I'm only accepting money orders just FYI! But I've done buying, selling, and trading on here in the past, never had a problem.

Here's whats left. its dwindling down day by day!:

Brand new f22a/b bisimoto level 1.2 turbo cam shaft
$190 shipped!

King Rod and Main Bearings!
$55 shipped for both!

Brand new gasket kit (entire motor)
fits: 1990-1993 Honda Accord DX, LX
1992-1996 Honda Prelude S
1990-1993 Honda Accord EX, SE
ENGINE TYPE: F22A1 (2.2L) - 2156cc L4 16V SOHC
F22A4, F22A6 (2.2L) - 2156cc L4 16V SOHC
$90 shipped!

Used but perfect condition ARP head studs for f22.
$90 shipped!

Brand new cx racing t04e turbo with translucent purple powder coated housing. .63 trim
$125 shipped!

F22a4 block 3 stage powder coated anodized red.
$100 (this is a $400 powdercoat job) $150 shipped!

Powder coated mirror black oil pan
$45 shipped!

F22a4 cylinder head. No valves or springs or retainers. It was stripped down cleaned and powder coated metallic high heat black. never made it any further
$50 shipped!


Universal Piping Kit. Includes 6 Pipes, 6 Couplers, and 6 T bolt clamps
$50 shipped!

Oil feed line + Restrictor plate
$20 shipped!

Might be more later as i dig through the shop lol

AEM Fuel Rail
PC'ed Dipstick
Hondata S300
Bisimoto Flywheel
Bisimoto Cam Gear
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
AEM Fuel Rail
Tial Wastegate
Fuel Pressure Regulator and Gauge
King Engine Bearings
Bisimoto Valve Train
Gt35R Turbo
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