Accord Prelude axle problems

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New Member
Hello, I need some help on knowing which axle to get for my 1994 Prelude. It has a F22B2 Engine (90 to 97 Accord DX) with the M2L5 Transmission. Now I know that the spline count is the same and the overall length of the passenger axle is only an 1/8th of an inch longer for the Prelude compared to the 1994 Accord axle. Can I just get an Accord axle or should I get the Prelude Axle. Any help would be greatly appreciated since it is my daily driver and down time isn't good.
As the M2L5 trans is the transmission that originaly came in your car, the engine should have no effect. Use the prelude axle.
Yeah, it shouldn't matter. Just get the axle for your car. Abs axles also work on non-abs cars.