accord sir vs prelude si motor

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I ordered a jdm h22a and i believe it's a 1996 motor. I've read that the h22a could either be from an accord sir or from a prelude si. :confused: Is there any differences between the two motors and is there a way for me to figure out which car my motor came out of? thanks
There shouldn't be a difference between the Accord and Prelude versions from 1996. If you really must know where it came from, then look for a sticker or stamp of some kind on the engine listing the donor car's VIN. The VIN will have the vehicle chassis code in it...
the jdm motors don't have a vin on them do they? but if you say there shouldn't be a difference between the two motors then i'll leave it at that. i was just curiouse because i read the accord sir h22a's have 190 hp and the prelude si h22a's have 200 hp.
No, Japanese cars should have VINs as well. That's where the chassis codes like "EG" and "EK" come from. If the engine came from a Prelude there should be a "BB" in the VIN; if it came from an Accord, there should be a "CD" instead. Either way, I don't think there will be a difference in the power output. The only way there would be a difference is if the engine was hooked up to an automatic transmission. For some reason those H22s were rated at 180's like they were detuned a bit for some reason...
Where would i find this vin at? And the longblock i got was from an automatic so i had to use the clutch and flywheel from my old motor. But overall do you think my motor is rated at 200ps or 197 hp? i appreciate the help