Accord suspension problems...

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Oh, I do a little here and there.
Since I bought the car it's been making a knocking sound when driving slow or turning/braking on the right side mostly, and I figured it was just the bushings so I went ahead and bought the car since there's absolutely no engine trouble. I was right, when I got under the car I wasn't very surprized to find almost every bushing cracked/broken and barely even on there.

So just the other day I bought the Energy Hyperflex suspension poly urethane bushings and I car sits noticeably lower on the driver's side and it's not a deflated tire.

What do I need to replace? Shocks or struts, springs, all of it? Was thinking of just saving up for some skunk 2 lowering coilovers and sport shocks but I don't even know if that's the problem. Couldn't be sitting a couple inches lower just from bushings alone could it?