Accord vs. Crown Vic

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what was he running for in the first place?
I wonder if they will change there "rolling road block" tatics

No need. It worked.

The first time it didn't work, because the new accord is a huge pig. The second time it looks like the PD realized why it didn't work, and used a larger vehicle.
The reason why it didn't work is because the Accord got under the Crown Vic and lifted the rear tires off the ground(thanks in part to the long rear end of the Crown Vic and probably braking too; where the weight transfer would lift the rear end up anyways); not because it's big in general.
this is why pit maneuvers work a lot better when it comes to vehicles of similar size, the new accords really aren't light, a bit bigger and heavier compared to the older ones.

the guy driving didn't really try to change lanes too much before slamming into the SUV either.
PIT stands for Pursuit Intervention Technique. It doesn't have to be from the side of the vehicle like it is most often done. As long as the vehicle loses control from a contact in the back of the vehicle, it is still considered a PIT.

PIT Maneuver and explaination
man....he was not that bloody when they dragged him out of the car and bounced him on the pavement. kinda thinking that head injury smells like bacon.

that wasn't a pit maneuver at all...
Wasn't saying they did one here, probably didn't clarify it too well. Crown Victorias seem to me that they dont make as good moving road blocks as a larger vehicle (SUV) for obvious reasons.

Thats my car! lol
that was a fast ban.