Adding Torque To A B16a2?

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How hard or how much money would it take to make a B16A2 have just as much torque as a B18B1?

well almost every honest modification will increase hp as well as torque. but unfortunately your b16 will never be as torquey as a b18 cn be. (not stock) but dont trade that b16 for a skateboard judt yet. i have personally buiilt many hella fast b16's. high compression a good flowing head and good cams.

D See 2

Senior Member
werd y0, i've got the zex stage 2 cams, Ti retainers, and dual valve springs going into my b16a head soon. it's getting a mild PnP job with a 3 angle valve job and the head is also getting milled. i'll let you know the results.