Adjustable Shiflikage Help !

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i had bought an adjustable shiftlinkage off a buddy of mine to do my ls swap in my hatch. i cant get all my gears expecially reverse.all ive been able to get is 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th . no 5th or reverse . whats going on here. i dont know who makes the linkage but its driving me crazy because its the only thing holding me back from putting my car back on the road. someone help!-thanks
are u sure its not called something else??? cuz ive never heard of that either
just screw it! ok pardon the pun.... do you have any room to screw it out to lengthen it? that is all i can think of.
Originally posted by paragus@Feb 6 2003, 03:17 AM
are u sure its not called something else??? cuz ive never heard of that either

Ditto,anyway throw it away and go get the real thing from the dealership.Did a search came up with what I thought I would,adjustable shifters,not linkage.
the linkage is what goes from the shifter to your tranny. Why would you want this to be adjustable?? if its to short it wont reach the tranny, and if its to long it wont bolt up to the tranny. Now can you see where the confusion is coming??
thats why its adjustable . pretty much good for all applications. to long ... turn it alittle and make it shorter.. to short turn it and make it longer. .. get the drift.
only advice i have other than throw it out and get the right linkage like 92b16vx said... is just fuck with it till it works ... cuza no one else has ever even heard of it let alone used it .... so your the guinea pig on this one