Adjustable Suspemsion on EF

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West West Yall
I think I'm going to get this for $275: 89-91 civic H&R race springs and 2 tokico blues, used for not even 500km Saanich, Victoria

And if I do I want to know if there is anyway to make it adjustable without putting back the stock suspension because I don't want my car 2" lower in the winter.

Could I get a eGay kit like this: HONDA CIVIC/CRX 88-91 LOWERING SCALE COILOVER SPRING - ( item 190289241706 end time 25-Mar-09 22:58:26 EDT) and put the H&R springs on the adjustable part?


Member of the 20 nut club
if that is the route you want to go, yeah
although i would opt for ground controls over the skunk2s... the skunk2s tend to be very harsh and bouncy