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Whats up everybody? I just got an extra 3500 to blow on my new lude and i was lookin too see what u all reccomend i do next. I got set back a little bit after my dad borrowed my first prelude and literally destroyed it. When i got that car i mainly concentrated on looks and style but now I think im gonna shoot for performance. What brands and what type of parts should i start off w/? As of now 3500 is my limit so what do u think i should do?
skunk2 head work, with the stage 2 cams, and your regular bolt ons.
How much can i get a turbo for? Is there any other reccommended parts i need to get if i go ahead and buy a turbo? or in the end would i just be best getin a bottle of nos?
N2O not NOS is never the best solution. It is mainly a quick fix and is not relibale what so ever. As for turbo, there are probally bolt on kits that you could look at. Someone, what is that one site that is build your own turbo kit, something like that is a much better way to go.
Hmmm 3500 eh?? I'm guessing a naked girl would be the best bolt on. :worthy:
i like beau_safken's idea.

Im not even convinced i should get a turbo set up. One of my friends who ran a turbo said he had to get frequent oil changes like every 100 or so miles. Is that normal? For now im probably gonna stay away from N20 and turbo but im keepin my options open. Honestly i have no idea but id like to start placing orders w/in the next week or so but im not in a total rush yet. What is everyones oppinion on what i should blow this cash on?
turbo does take a little more up keep like more frequite oil changes but 100 miles is unheard off. This person had some problems. With a turbo, you should change your oil every 2000 or so miles.
Thats good to here, i was gonna say that seemed a little ridiculous changing it every 100 and some miles. He must have had all sorts of problems after all he just blew his motor just recently. That blows cuz since he had the turbo it voided his warrenty.