adware ownz me

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Anybody know any good programs to take care of masive amounts of adware on my puter. Its running very slow and it minimizes my top window about every 3 minutes. This is VERY annoying especialy when i'm playing a game. Right now i have adaware but when i try to run it something shuts down my computer about 1 minute into the scan eveytime. I tryed reinstalling it but it still does it.
Do one of the three:

1. Install Microsoft Antispyware if you have XP.

2. Reinstall your box.

3. Install Linux.

Either of those should solve the problem.
yeah i just switch to firefox about 2 hours before your post. I figured out the adawre thing too. All i had to do was scan smaller sections of my drive 1 by 1 instaed of in 1 big shot.
Spybot, Search and Destroy is a good freeware program

AVG free virus protection program is excellent and has free automatic updates

Sygate Personal Firewall has a GREAT free version you can download.

Mozilla Firefox is free and will stop most adware/spyware from even getting into your computer. Internet Explorer is so full of holes it makes Bush's Iraq "plan" look like a masterpiece. Don't use it, use Firefox.

If you find you have your homepage constantly hijacked by other webpages, use "Hijack This" It works pretty damn good.
Just watch what you click on.. I haven't used adaware or any tool on my box... I don't even use antivirus software. Just be careful on what you click on. don't intall active x controls that you don't trust. Don't run questionable exe files..