Aem Ems Injector Question

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Senior Member
Ok well I finally went ahead and got the AEM EMS and I am getting ready to get my injectors, I am thinking either 440cc or 500cc's but what I am wondering is do I need to upgrade my fuel pump or will the stock pump be ok, anyone know what the presure at the fuel rail generally is, and don't hondas use Saturated injectors. Thanks for any suggestions.
depends what year honda- some use peak/hold, some are saturated. see the FAQ forum.

as for the pump- def upgrade
Just to hijack the thread a little, i didnt see in the FAQ forum what the injectors in a F22B1 were, are they peak and hold or saturated?

Also, if they were saturated and the ECU to be used supports peak and hold, is it still necessary to have a resistor box?

Cheers :)