Aerospeed Coilovers

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Senior Member
My bro bought a set of the yellow aerospeed coilovers and they bounce you around like crazy. Is there any way to fix this? If there is he offered them to me for 75 bucks because he installed air ride. So my questions are 1) can i fix the ride from them and 2) are they worth the money?
No and no.

If you're going for cheaper coilover sleaves, at least get Zero1, Neuspeed, Skunk2, or Ground Control. Arospeed will always be bad. They even have the top hat perch made of rubber instead of aluminum or steel.
Get GC's nuespeed or if you have money, Teins. Fine used teins. Aerospeed blows.

I would recomend you stay away from skunk2's because I have heard alot of people say that they are pretty bouncy.
I have arospeed on my civic now, and they blow nuts. The ride is terrible, i cant wait to get my koni yellows and h&r race springs.