after market pistons, any good?

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Real one's aren't much more than that...I would NEVER skimp on something like pistons. They're $200 from InlineWhore, and I'm SURE they're cheaper elsewhere (might try JHP, I know they sell shit a lot cheaper than inline 4).
i was using those as an example, i will be using p30's which are a little harder to find for me anyway.

i dont see how they would be much different than honda pistons but im still curious if anyone has used them yet.

i would never order from jhp, crappy customer support.

bump i want some others opinions
Crappy customer support? I've never had ANY problems...and I've ordered a LOT of shit from them
nippon is honda. nippon makes the calipers on your car. nippon is the company who makes a lot of replacment OE parts for our honda's

technician at the local honda dealer when asked why he is putting nippon calipers on a 99 ex.
Originally posted by Quiklilefr@Jun 15 2005, 10:26 PM
so are these pistons crap or ???? what .......
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My vote goes to 'crap'.
spend a couple hundred more on some GOOD aftermarket parts, and you will be happy. I haven't heard anything bad about nippon. I'd just take them to a machine shop and make sure they were balanced before putting them in my car, that is going to be your only problem with a piston like that. The rings are decent rings, so you shouldn't have any sealing problems as long as the cylinders are honed, annd the rings are intalled correctly. I went custom cp, but they cost me 450 bones. well about 500 including some extra goodies, but you get my point.

you get what you pay for...

I believe this is true 99% of the time.