Aftermarket Bumper?

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:D I was wondering sinse on my CRX, the sides are low (black) and the front is low, but the back sits up kinda high, that if i should get the back piece to a body kit and put it on their and paint it all the same color so it all matches up and lines up... what do u think?


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This Erebuni rear isn't bad. Everythign else I looked at was pretty bad.



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Originally posted by Prowler@Mar 20 2003, 11:07 PM

Bling Bling, yo. He be sporting the cromed out 18's

99% of body kits out there blow. They just screw up areodynamics plus they have horiblle quaility, (get stress crack easily). Also when you go to install them, very few are just bolt on, many you have to drill and ghetto rig shit. Only kit that i would get would be a Mugen other than that, not worth it. (i would say mugen is not worth it too because mugen = shit load of money, batman)