Age old question

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set up: B16A CRX/4 into 1, 2 bung headers.
Question: can I use the 4 into 2 into 1 crx headers for sale on ebay with my B16A?


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ok, now I am confused!
Here's a little more info. Currently, my 4 into 1 header hangs to low. The lower two tubes are smashed to hell. The car still runs ok, but I'm sure I am losing some performance not to mention some sort of unequal backpressure from cylinder to cylinder. Not good! What is the solution HONDA GODS??????


Get a 4-2-1 header for a b16..

If you buy the "crx" headers from ebay you will get headers that fit a d-series. They will not bolt up to your motor.

I think you should be looking for b16 Del Sol headers..
Can anyone back that up? I'm not certain.....


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.........the reason the header is low is because of your mounts..
as long as its for a b series youll be fine
..i have a cheap 4-1 focuz header and its a little low....but a 4-2-1 i think it will sit just as low........

and a b series header wont fit a d series....