AIM convo of the day

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I really LOL'ed on her response. I haven't talked to this girl in months, she's mad at the girl she's talking about because she never called her after she moved. Shot and simple, I'm not posting the whole convo.

b h j 4 5 6: i like how uyou say hi
xxxxxx sHp0lii: lol
xxxxxx sHp0lii: did she have a kid?
b h j 4 5 6: not yet
b h j 4 5 6: shes got a few more days
xxxxxx sHp0lii: i hope it gets stuck in her twat

I defenitly laughed, it's fucked up. But I just think this shit is funny as hell. :shrug2:
Your life should be an HBO or Showtime series. I say HBO/Showtime because your show would be too baudy and have too much "objectionable material" for network television.
Originally posted by StarBellieAngel@Aug 31 2005, 05:57 PM
they'd call it 'what do you get when you cross john deere with an audi? a pregnant chick.'
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