Air Fuel Gauge Issue

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Guys, i'm having a small issue.
I recently made a swap and had to go from OBD1 to pre OBD set up. The problem is, the pre OBD set up carries two O2 sensors in the manifold (each have one wire). I tried hooking up the air fuel gauge to the primary O2 sensor but the gauge is receiving no signal, so i tried it with the secondary O2 and "nada" don't work either.

How the hell do i wire this thing?
It worked fine with my OBD 1 set up (single 4 wire sensor)
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Jan 26 2003, 02:18 PM
what wire did you tap into for the O2 sensors?

It works now. I'm just not use to waiting so long on this O2 sensor to warm up in order to operate.
The OBD1 is a self heated sensor and starts reading pretty fast.

I had to wait almost 10 minutes before this sensor started reading. ;)

Thanks anyway.