Air Intake Question

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William H. Hovah

Junior Member
sup peoples..i need some wizdom for the car gods..i got a 91 Civic Si w/B16a..i have a intake now..the cheapest damn generic short ram intake ever known to serves its purpose..but the freakin thing whistles..and sometimes sounds more like a damn vaccum cleaner then a came with the car..and i def wanna get rid of this piece of shit..i jus wanna know..if a AEM Cold Air will fit in the car without any modifications..due to the B16...or do have to order a Intake for a different model to fit my car..member the car is 91 Civic Si w/ racin mounts..anybody know the deal..i appreciate any help..JR
Buy the CAI for your engine, more specifiacally, your throttle body/intake manifold. You should buy the intake for the B16.
i dont wanna sound like a noobie at importz..cuz im not..but what is Throttle Body and Intake Manifold is all not sure i understand what u mean..
CAI = cold air intake--I'm just too lazy to type it out
O..i got im lazy too..yah. but would then your saying the intakes for Del Sol Vtec or Civic Si would fit in my 91..maybe reg short rams..but i want a Cold Air..think they would fit?