CT Airjockies BOC...bring a truck

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
I got a lot of parts for a first gen CRX, and a few parts for 3rd gen civic...plus a couple other honda parts laying around...

Most of the stuff I won't need for my build that is in my way, and just collecting dust/taking up garage space...will be tossed out if there is no real resale value on it. Some stuff...I might ask for a little cash, or a case of Corona Light. Just come with a truck, or a large car, and we can go thru what I have, and what you might want or need.

CRX hood (2) $20 each
CRX front fenders (one cracked, but repairable) $40
CRX front bumper cover free
CRX hood extension panel $30 (mint)
CRX SI oil pan $5
CRX SI harness $30
CRX SI rear strip above bumper with SI on it $10
CRX SI intake manifold with teg injectors $50
CRX rusty aftermarket header $30
CRX door windows (2) $10 each
CRX odd's and end's thats not worth anything to me, and that I want out of my hair.....FREE (I have scrapped out about 2 CRX's...so there is a lot of parts. :) )

3rd gen civ headlights $20
3rd gen civ moonroof interior cover, exterior aero deflector, and dust bag $30

Pair, but have 2 more that my buddy still hasn't returned, 13" steelies with 75% worn down Advan A048's $30 ($60 if I pester him for the other 2)
Watanabe RS-8's (4) 14x6.5 that I was asking $400 for in my other for sale ads,...now down to $300 OBO

54" Magnavox projection TV with a dim light bulb... $200

Huge garage heater (nat gas) $200...same heater used in warehouses that lists for $900

and more...a lot more...too much stuff.... the first come first serve will feel like they just bought a BOC from woot.com for $5 and ended up with a 42" LCD TV.

Locals only...sorry...I don't have time to ship stuff. :(

Located in Meriden, CT, 06451 ATM is 3 blocks away :)

I'm available everyday from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

PM me to make an appointment....better hurry...this stuff might go to the first person that shows up with a little cash...
I got 2 245/35ZR15's Dunlops...but they are not for sale... :p

only slicks I have are the worn down flat eagles on the 16's.
well im sure they would fit with a proper offset since i can get 225s under the wells no problem, but the enkeis sit nearly flush with the wheel wells.

and those wheels dont fit under your wells :p plus you have widebody now.
how else am I going to get them to fit....duhh