All B18c And B18b Owners Please Reply

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I tried doing a search on ls/turbo, gsr, b18c1, and b18b but nothing comes up. I don't know if i am searching wrong or what. I would like to know cost wise which is better. The b18b with a turbo installed or b18c stock. If you own one of these engines can you please tell me how much you paid for it and if you have a b18b turbo what kind of turbo do you have? I would like this thread to become a debate on which is best and which is the better for the money. Just to let you know i don't have the money to turbo a gsr. Another question of mine is will the gsr be faster with a lot of mods compared to the b18b with just turbo.

Thanks for the help :worthy:
A B18B with turbo has more potential than a N/A GSR. I do know a guy around my way that is running low 12's but he has everything done you can think of and the car weigh's about 2000lbs. I would go with turbo B18b. I feel it would be more cost efficient.

I don't know about the prices where you are from, but a junk yard GSR motor costs around $3000 where I am. After blowing my first LS, I bought another LS motor for $500 with only 50K on it. For the price of a GSR motor, you can get a LS motor with a turbo setup and still have money left over. You can go to to see how much they cost around your area and to find what places have them. Hope this helps a little.
ya that helped but i was thinking about buying the b18b online at They charge 2200 for a b18b with 35,000mi. Is that a good deal and could i still get a turbo kit after that and still be under the gsr price of 3400?

Thanks for all the help
i would say get the b18b turbo. (more potential) the gsr is a great though but the b18b would come out on top. also something you could consider even after you went turbo is ls/vtec with a turbo for the same price as a gsr. look for deals they are out there.
i have a b18b turbo

it was cheaper than a stock b18c swap

and its faster than a b18c

If i had a surplus of loot i would have gotten the gsr but i dont have money, so the ls/t is the cheapest way to go fast :)
well theres a few issues you have to address before making any comparisons.. 1) budget 2) california? and 3) if california, smog legal? if you live in california, you'd most likely want you car CARBed unless its a project car you used weekends only.. B18Bs are solid motors that are way easier to tune the any of the other Bseries with VTEC.. and B18B1 also has a tad more torque and displacement.. but the water and oil pumps suck ass because i revved mine passed 7k and blew my radiator and had to replace water and oil pump.. if you want to stay CARB exempted you're somewhat limited.. meaning you can only turbo it with the CARB turbo kits such as GReddy or EdelBrock.. from what i know, Drag Gens arent smog.. or get go NA.. if you dont want to go smog legal, you can get a vtec head and do ls/vtec for a little more than a GSR and have a solid performer.. but remember, if you do get an LS and want it to be turboed.. its gonna be a shitty kit for like $2000.. or you can go homemade, scouring parts from DSMs and etc, but not be smogged legal.. hopes this help.. later
Originally posted by endlesszeal@Apr 2 2003, 03:44 PM
and B18B1 also has a tad more torque and displacement..

b18b doesn't have more torque than the a matter of fact it has one lbs of torque's just that the ls has it's peak torque a lot earlier than the gsr
oh may bad, good you caught that one.. anyway, yeah it reaches peak torque almost 1000rpm before the gsr.. and 1lb/ft isnt that big of a deal.. can fix that with a pepboys airintake filter :P .
Yea, it'll give you a better 60'.

2200 for a B18B is a shitty deal. You can find complete swaps for under a grand at U-Pulls.
Buy a B18B, add a B16A head ($2000) add a turbo ($1500) and boom 250 or more hp for the same price and much more potential. I just wouldn't rev it to 8k or run more than 6lbs of boost till you reinforce the block.
b18B turbo will own a n/a B18C, for the most part. Turbo's give you the TQ that smaller 4bangers tend to lack, they make smaller engines act like larger ones. Next time your at a track notice why the DSM's hual ass with only a 2.0L non-VTEC engine, its all turbo B) . TQ owns, especially in the lower gears. Obviously a Turbo GSR would be best, but thats very $$$.

B18C is a great motor, But a Turbo LS will own it for about the same price. B)
what does putting a b16 head do to the engine. Also what is a block guard i heard someone talk about that when turboing and i was curiuos.
putting a b16 head would create that "almighty" LSVTEC but its easier said than done.. i say ditch the lsvtec and get a hondata unit.. a blockguard is what it is.. its a ring type thingy where you put around your cylinder heads to "reinforce" it, but i heard its retarded and doesnt work.. i say get a B18B and just go homemade turbo :lol: .. go to the local pick and pull and pull out an old DSM turbo, if it still has the injector, grab those too; get an old audi or porsche intercooler.. go to a reputiable local muffler shop, have them make a couple mandrel pipings, about 2 1/4-3 inch thick, get an exhaust manifold, and slap that baby together.. then get a hondata unit and tune the fuck out of it.. should be around 5000 or so.. haha later
Thanks for the advice did you say 5000 for a junkyard turbo kit? I can get a pro kit made for 3000
He's sayin after you custom build a turbo and get a hondata program and tune it, it'll run around 5k. Some block guards are better than others but a LS motor under boost definately needs one, they weren't built to handle boost.