all kinds of stuff for sale.


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well i need some money to finish my turbo kit and get some tires so heres what i have for sale....everything is best offer so make me an offer and we can go from there.

floor mats(blue)
rear seats(blue)
rear compartment(black)
rear side pockets(black)
upper and lower radiator hose(brand new)
front strut bar(might fit civics too)
front speaker covers(black)
shift cable
clear corners
stock cat (HF)
hood latch setup
radiator support
shift linkage
overfill bottle w/ hose
89' pm8 ecu
A/C condenser
hubs(89' HF)

other D series stuff
radiator fan
thermostat housing
motor mounts(stock)
fuel rail

K26 turbo (not sure if i want to sell yet..make offer tho)
apex-i auto-timer (turbo timer w/ A/F option on it. BRAND NEW!)
mx-6 smic(had a bad hit on it but its been JB welded)
oil pressure guage(black face)

other things
MAP sensor
fuel feed line
stock 94' integra bumper lights

man that's a lot of typing anyways people please help me out and buy my stuff.


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shift linkage - shipped to 64015

what abotu pedals and clutch cable from this car? If you have it how much shipped?


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linkage and clutch cable -60 shipped- shipping is gonna be 20 so im only getting 40 so let me know if you want those. peace -mike


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the rear seats have the top and bottom halfs, the top half splits in 2 each side folds down individually and the bottom half is one piece. the seats were a very tight squeeze in my crx. they came from a hatchback but withsome customizing to my rear interior they fit.

the turbo timer im trying to get about 75-80 shipped

sorry i dont have the pedals but i do have a 5-speed ECU. its a PM8

everyone keep replying i need money for tires. peace -mike


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i also have a 92-95 civic hood primered grey with hood pin holes already.

also have aftermarket generic intake for a crx but it also fits integras nicely and im pretty sure it will fit civics also anyways make offers on all of this stuff thnx -mike


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sale for the turbo timer is pending. everything else is still for sale tho. please if your interested make an offer even lowballers may offer, depending on what it is i'll let most stuff go cheap. peace -mike